Premium Galactic Cotton Candy Bites

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Delicious Melt – In – Your – Mouth Cotton Candy Taffy!



Get ready for a taste sensation that defies gravity with Galactic Cotton Candy Bites – the ethereal freeze-dried candy that takes cotton candy to new heights! Crafted from the sweet essence of cotton candy taffy, these delectable bites are not just light and airy – they’re downright crunchy!

Imagine savoring the nostalgia of cotton candy, but with an unexpected twist. Galactic Cotton Candy Bites capture the essence of fluffy, sugary clouds and freeze-dry them into bite-sized morsels that deliver a satisfying crunch with every nibble. It’s like enjoying the carnival magic anytime, anywhere!

Indulge your senses in a dance of flavors as the cotton candy essence melts on your tongue, leaving behind a delightful crunch that’s both satisfying and mesmerizing. These bite-sized wonders are perfect for those moments when you need a little sweetness to elevate your day.

Created for the dreamers, the whimsical, and anyone with a sweet tooth, Galactic Cotton Candy Bites redefine snack time. Light, airy, and irresistibly crunchy – they’re the cosmic treat you never knew you needed. Elevate your snacking experience to the stratosphere with the enchanting taste of Galactic Cotton Candy Bites! 🌌🍬✨

Allergen Information: Contains: Egg, Milk

May Contain Almond, Peanut


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Weight2 oz


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