Rainbow Comets


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Embark on a taste expedition like never before with our extraordinary creation – Rainbow Comets! These freeze-dried candies are a cosmic fusion of classic Skittles, delivering an explosion of flavor and crunch that will send your senses into orbit.


Picture this: a burst of vibrant colors, a symphony of fruity notes, and a satisfying crunch that takes your taste buds on a thrilling adventure. Rainbow Comets are the result of transforming the beloved classic Skittles into bite-sized, freeze-dried wonders that defy the ordinary.

Feel the intensity of each flavor-packed comet as it lands on your tongue, unleashing the nostalgic taste of the iconic Skittles. The freeze-drying process locks in the boldness of every individual flavor – from zesty lemon to juicy orange, wild cherry, grape, and green apple – creating an irresistible fusion that’s both crunchy and incredibly satisfying.


Perfect for those who crave a snack that’s as dynamic as it is delicious, Rainbow Comets are the ultimate fusion of flavor and texture. Whether you’re seeking an on-the-go treat, a movie night delight, or a dazzling addition to your dessert spread, these freeze-dried candies are here to elevate your snacking experience.


Indulge in the symphony of flavors that only Rainbow Comets can deliver – a harmony of sweetness, tartness, and that unmistakable Skittles magic. Each bag is a treasure trove of taste, where every comet is a burst of pure joy and excitement.


Dare to defy the ordinary and launch your taste buds into the stratosphere with Rainbow Comets. A cosmic celebration of flavor awaits you, where the crunch meets the rainbow in every extraordinary bite. Elevate your snacking game and experience the stellar sensation of freeze-dried magic with Rainbow Comets – because ordinary candy just got an intergalactic upgrade!


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4 oz, 7 oz, Half Pound, One Pound, 1.2lb Tub


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