Sour Rainbow Comets


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Unleash a Flavor Explosion with Rainbow Comets – The Ultimate Crunchy Candy Sensation!

Indulge in the extraordinary with Sour Rainbow Comets, the premium freeze-dried candy that takes your taste buds on a cosmic journey! Brace yourself for an explosion of flavors as the iconic skittles transform into irresistibly crunchy, vibrant meteorites of deliciousness.

Super Crunchy Bliss: Experience an unparalleled snacking adventure with each bite as the freeze-drying process creates a supernova of crunchiness. Your taste buds won’t know what hit them!


Flavor Fusion: Packed with the original skittles’ rainbow of flavors, Sour Rainbow Comets offer a burst of sweetness and tanginess in every piece. Enjoy the classic skittles taste with a mesmerizing twist.


Generous 4 Ounces – 1.2LB Tub! Get ready for a taste explosion that lasts! Our convenient 4-ounce – 1.2LB Tub ensures you have plenty of Sour Rainbow Comets to satisfy your sweet cravings. Perfect for sharing or indulging in your personal premium snacking experience.


Low Cost, High Quality: Elevate your snacking game without breaking the bank! Sour Rainbow Comets deliver a premium candy experience at an affordable price. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the magic of freeze-dried perfection without sacrificing your budget.


Rainbow Comets – Beyond the Ordinary!

Whether you’re a candy connoisseur or a casual snacker, Sour Rainbow Comets are designed to elevate your taste experience to new heights. Join the cosmic candy revolution and embark on a journey of flavor that’s out of this world!

Grab your 7-ounce bag of Sour Rainbow Comets today and discover the joy of super crunchy premium freeze-dried candy. Elevate your snacking experience with every meteoric bite!


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4 oz, 7 oz, Half Pound, One Pound, 1.2lb Tub


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