Wildberry Comets


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Introducing WildBerry Rainbow Comets – an interstellar explosion of flavor that will send your taste buds on a cosmic journey! Brace yourself for a mesmerizing experience as we’ve taken the iconic WildBerry Skittles and transformed them into an extraordinary freeze-dried candy that’s truly out of this world.

Each bite of WildBerry Rainbow Comets is like capturing a burst of flavor straight from the celestial heavens. The freeze-drying process locks in the intense WildBerry essence, creating a crunchy and irresistible texture that adds a cosmic twist to your snacking adventures. These bite-sized comets deliver a satisfying crunch, followed by an explosion of fruity flavors that dance across your palate in a symphony of taste.


Picture yourself indulging in the vibrant hues of WildBerry Rainbow Comets – a celestial fusion of blue raspberry, strawberry, wild cherry, blackberry, and berry punch. The flavors meld together like a meteor shower of sweetness, leaving a trail of delight in every moment. Whether you’re a candy connoisseur or an explorer of the extraordinary, this cosmic creation will transport your senses to new dimensions.


Perfect for on-the-go snacking, movie nights, or adding a touch of cosmic magic to your dessert table, WildBerry Rainbow Comets are a taste sensation that defies earthly expectations. With each bag, you’re not just getting candy; you’re embarking on a flavor-filled journey through the vastness of the universe.


Join the cosmic celebration and treat yourself to the extraordinary with WildBerry Rainbow Comets – the freeze-dried candy that brings the wonders of the galaxy to your fingertips. Get ready to experience flavor like never before, where every comet is a burst of wild and wonderful deliciousness. Unleash the taste of the cosmos with WildBerry Rainbow Comets and let your snacking adventure take flight!


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